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Dean F. Wilson, Jade Kerrion, Robert Jeschonek, E.J. Stevens, Steven Kelliher, Discover Sci-Fi, Dayne Edmondson, Jason Werbeloff, K. C. Carter, D.K. Cassidy, Trevor Darby, Steve Turnbull, AJ Martinez, Luke R. Mitchell, Patty Jansen, Marilyn Peake, Cortney Pearson, Helen Allan, Robert Scott-Norton, Paul Summerhayes, L.A. Frederick, Corie Weaver, M.G. Herron, Jo Ho, Luke Chmilenko, JC Andrijeski, Harmon Cooper, Daniel Parsons, TS Vale, Jay Allan, Ian James, Daniel Arthur Smith, R. E. Vance, Julia Vee, Nicole MacDonald, K.A. Parkinson, Susan Faw, A.K. Meek, Farah Cook, David Estes, Emily Martha Sorensen, Mirren Hogan , Tony Bertauski, Catie Rhodes, J.L. Hendricks, Russ Linton, Devyn Jayse, Pauline Creeden , Michael John Grist, Jim Hodgson, Cordelia Castel, Dean C. Moore.

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