J.K. Riya’s Top 5 Fantasy Reads of 2016

by J.K. Riya


Wish you all a very Happy New Year!

I thought its best to start 2017 with a favorites list. But that proved to be a tough choice to choose just five books out of the 30+ awesome books that I read in 2016. Well, the books may have been published before 2016 but they are in this list because I read them in 2016. Without any further delay, here’s the list of my favorite books for 2016 by Indie authors!

1. Dragon’s Gift: The Huntress Series by Linsey Hall

This five book series is a great YA urban fantasy read packed with supernatural beings, action, romance and thrill. I thoroughly enjoyed this series as it helped quench my never-ending thirst for magic, strong female leads, a strong plot and unique settings (in this case ancient archeological sites sprinkled with magic and supernatural beings).

2. Timeless Fairy Tales series by K.M. Shea

Timeless Fairy Tales is an ongoing series of fairy tale adaptations. The unique and original touch that author K.M. Shea has weaved into the known fairy tales is truly amazing. If you’re looking for clean, sweet, fun reads with loveable characters and interesting plots then this series is a must read.

3. The Ugly Stepsister (Unfinished Fairy Tales Book 1) by Aya Ling

The Ugly Stepsister is a fairy tale retelling and as the name implies, it is Cinderella’s story from the Ugly Stepsister’s point of view. But the ugly stepsister is our modern-day Kat cursed and whisked away to Cinderella’s world. This is again a clean and fun filled ride for fairy tale lovers.

4. Armor of Magic Series by Simone Pond

This is a fantastic action-packed urban fantasy series for new adults. Fiona, the protagonist, is a sassy and tough female lead who captured my attention right from page one with her wit and courage. I finished reading all three books in this series in one sitting and was absolutely thrilled. Author Simone Pond’s other on-going series, The Coastview Prophecies, is a great read too.

5. Elizabeth’s Legacy (Royal Institute of Magic, Book 1) by Viktor Kloss

The Royal Institute of Magic is an ongoing series and all the books in the series are Amazon best-sellers, competing against each other to be in the top 20 spots in Children’s category. Though the books were written for children, I thoroughly enjoyed this spectacular world with unique magic, intriguing characters and amazing world building. All Harry Potter fans will definitely fall in love with this series.

Bonus pick: The Evil Twin’s Diary by Addie Abbati

This is not a traditional fantasy but geared more towards philosophy with a supernatural element which I loved. I found the concept to be unique that provides food for thought. It’s an interesting short read that would spark thoughts about our economy and society.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorites. Now it’s your turn! What are the books that blew you away and transported you to a new different world? What you liked the most about them? Was it the characters, the plot, the magic system, the world building, the settings or a combination of some or all?

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