12 Sci-Fi Books & You Set the Price

StoryBundle is offering a new selection of 12 amazing Sci-Fi books, all DRM-free, and best of all you can set the price yourself! Funds generated go to the authors and charity.

Read what curator Simon Kewin had to say about the bundle:

“I wanted to come up with a wide range of styles and tones in this bundle. Some of the books are gritty and dark as we battle cruel galactic overlords. Several feature seemingly unstoppable alien entities and miraculous technologies. One or two delve into the very nature of reality itself. More than one is a love letter to the Golden Age of science fiction. And some of the books are light-hearted or even fun in tone. All are intriguing, though, and all will take you on a journey to the stars to uncover intriguing and terrifying interstellar mysteries.”

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