Author Resources

Link for Welcome Emails

If your readers aren’t sure how to add a book to their e-reader, send them to this page (I include this link in my welcome email):

Social Media

Creator Collabs – A platform for helping spread your social reach. Share other content to earn “Reach,” which is then spent on other people sharing yours. Formerly called CoPromote.

Website Hosting

TMD Hosting – Fast, reliable, and affordable, with the best customer support I’ve experienced. I’ve gone through a lot of web hosts in the search for one as good as this.

Newsletter Building

Instafreebie – A great way to quickly grow your newsletter size, with a 30-day free trial. Use in conjunction with group giveaways (see the Instafreebie Promos group for lots of these).

Newsletter Swaps

Book Boast – An innovative newsletter swap service to help take the tedium out of finding people to swap features with. A good way to reach a larger/wider audience. Get your first month free via the given link.

Mailing List Providers

MailerLite – Significantly cheaper than MailChimp, which is important when growing your list. This also has a much more user-friendly interface and has become a staple for many authors. Using the link here will get you $20 off. You can also get an additional 30% off if you integrate with Instafreebie.

Author Tools

KDPulse – A browser plugin that helps you keep track of Kindle sales, page reads, and free downloads in one handy dashboard. An essential time-saving tool with a cheap price tag.

KindleSpy – A browser plugin that helps you “reverse engineer” popular books to find good niches to write in, showing the potential income and competition you might face.

KDP Rocket – Another book research software to help find profitable niches and analyse the competition (useful also for ad targeting).

KDROI – A handy tool to submit to dozens of promo sites simultaneously, saving a lot of time and effort.

KingSumo Giveaways – A WordPress-based plugin to host viral giveaways that strongly encourage entrants to share with others. Unlike Rafflecopter and related services, this is a one-off purchase. Use the following discount/voucher code for 25% off: SFFBOOK

Writing & Marketing Books

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