SFF Book Bonanza hosts a number of promotions for authors. If you’re looking to do some marketing for free (or for $5, or even in exchange for a blog post), then check out the current opportunities.



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Some testimonials:

“I participated in SFFBB’s promos for quite some time, often taking part in several each month over the course of a year or two. I boosted my BookBub followers from zero followers to 4,382 followers. I boosted my Facebook Author Page followers from a few hundred to 3,612 followers. And I boosted my Twitter followers from a few hundred to 3,771 followers.”

— Marilyn Peake, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of The Other

“Dean Wilson’s service with SFFBB has been top-notch. From the big paperback giveaways netting thousands of new subscribers to smaller monthly giveaways and promos, his services are always reliable and worth the money. He’s also very responsive to emails and messages.”

— Dayne Edmondson, author of The Darktide Trilogy

“There are many people on the internet, and in the indie author community who claim to be great promoters. The various places we hang out are littered with self promotion posts, promising outsized success if only you’ll part with thousands of dollars.

“Dean takes a different approach. His mantra appears to be to underpromise, and overdeliver. I’ve been impressed with him and what his services do, since I ran into him on a forum last year. Having booked many a Bookbub and Goodreads builder with him, I can say with conviction that if he gives you his word on something, it happens. Period. Full stop.

“I directly credit Dean with taking my Bookbub followers from three to nearly a thousand, and to helping me successfully launch my first series. You won’t go wrong using any of his services from promos to list building.”

— Daniel Gibbs, author of the Echoes of War series

“The bookbub builders really work! I more than tripled my followers and got an international featured deal the next time I tried.”

— Kyle Alexander Romines, author the Warden of Fal series

“I’ve used nearly every SFFBB service just to try it out, and I’m always, always pleased with the results, whether it’s social builders for BookBub and Facebook, or promos for 99c and free books. Just to be sure, I actually have a monthly reminder set to tell me to sign up for at least one of Dean’s promos. Quick, simple, and efficient.”

— Nazri Noor, author of the Darkling Mage series

“Dean’s promos are great for the author on a budget. If you are tight on money and time then his list-building services are great for a new writer to find a following.”

— T E Olivant, author of the Into the White series

“I’ve never had a promo not pay for itself and the host of this program is very professional. I already recommend it to my friends and fellow authors, seriously, give it a shot!”

— JR Handley, author of the Sleeping Legion series

“Every time I do a SFFBB promo I see a significant spike in downloads. Definitely worth it.”

— Aiki Flinthart, author of the 80 AD series

“SFFBB is an easy and cost-effective service with a supportive, professional community attached. I’ve always seen results from the promos. Dean Wilson runs a slick operation that caters for authors in a variety of genres and with a variety of objectives.”

— Daniel Parson, author of the Twisted Christmas trilogy

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