Blog Post Guidelines

SFF Book Bonanza welcomes submissions of blog posts on relevant topics of interest.

Blog posts must adhere to the following:

  • They must be Science Fiction or Fantasy related in some form, with a particular focus on fiction (though correlations with TV, film and games are permitted).
  • They must not be “salesy”. There are already many promotions on our website. The blog is intended to offer readers useful and insightful content.
  • They must be unique content, not posted anywhere else. (This is for SEO purposes.)
  • They must take a reader-focused angle (i.e. aimed at readers, not authors). We will accept a small amount of author-focused material from time to time, but the blog is for readers, not writers.
  • They must not feature material you do not hold the rights to (including text and images, excepting “fair use” policies).
  • They must not preach particular religious or political views (though you can discuss the importance of religion and politics in speculative fiction).

Word length: 500+ (we are not too strict on this, as we want you to take however long is necessary, within reason, to cover your chosen topic).

Here are some blog post ideas:

  • Interview with the author.
  • Interview with a character (ask your character questions, and respond as they would).
  • Introduction to the world your story is set in.
  • The tools your character might use (you can even link them on Amazon, but don’t overdo it).
  • Why you write.
  • Your favourite SFF books, and why (can make this a top 10 — top 10s work well for blogs).
  • Insight into your cover design process.
  • How SFF topics relate to the real world.
  • The psychology of SFF.
  • A technology jargon-buster.
  • A magical dictionary.
  • An exploration of SFF maps.
  • Art in SFF.
  • Language in SFF.
  • A guide to your invented language.
  • A guide to an established invented language (Tolkien, etc.)
  • Mythology and Fantasy
  • Science and Sci-Fi
  • SFF books to movies.
  • SFF in audio (radio, audiobooks, etc.).
  • A breakdown of sub-genres.
  • A detailed exploration of one sub-genre, with classics and modern titles (including your own).
  • Anything that asks readers a question (to encourage comments and interaction).
  • For superhero writers: choose your superpower. Ask readers to choose theirs.
  • How you came up with the idea for your book/s (since we often get asked where our ideas come from).
  • Speculative Showdown. Write a short fight scene (~500 words) between one of your characters and another character from a well-known series (books, TV, film, games, etc.).

All of the above can be reused by multiple authors, assuming that each can provide their own unique spin.

More can be found on our author Facebook group here. You are encouraged to add your own ideas there, and you are not in any way limited to the list above. They are suggestions only. They should, however, give you an idea of what we are aiming for.

If you want to include a bio, make sure it is very short (two or three sentences), with just one link to your home page.