Free Space Opera

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First contact with the multilingual Vox species goes awry when the linguist of the star cruiser Exogenesis mistakenly uses a forbidden slur. Drawn into a revolution, the crew races to convince the aliens to unite against a greater threat.

An eccentric, trigger-happy captain and a level-headed commander vie for control of the starship Gemini but are forced to mix their two very divided crews when they encounter a space barge full of militarised waste.

In the aftermath of a battle a ship drifts helplessly in space. Is the strange new warship they were fighting still out there? Will it come back for them? Commander Johnson faces a desperate race to get her destroyer back into action and save her crew.


Aliens invade the galaxy and the Federation must use magic and mundane weapons to combat them.

Can Keva save Red Sky from destruction before the Elite turn this weapon on the rest of the settlements? And if she does, will she ignite a revolution?

The passengers and crew of a galactic cruise ship mysteriously vanish. Ten thousand citizens of Earth. Without warning. Without a trace. Only the Valiant’s crew can stop a galactic war.


A vast alien object enters the Solar System. Brothers and enemies Drew and Storm, one a scientist and the other a space scrap dealer, both fiercely desire it. Which of the bitter rivals will get there first? And what secrets does it hold?

Lyssa Peate is living a double life as a space pirate bounty hunter and planet discovering scientist. Neither life is going so hot…

“Tina Thompson is turning PRO. Professional villain, that is. When a collection run goes bad, Tina faces a choice: She can die, or take one more job. One to wipe the debts clean and fix her body permanently. All she has to do is give up on her dream of normalcy and become a super villain . . . for real.


At war with the telepathic insects known as Enthos, humanity finds a new life-form. It turns hostile, threatening to consume all it comes in contact with. The Akked Galaxy will never be the same.

Forbidden Memories. Ancient Powers. Galactic Uprising.

A planet is on the verge of annihilation. The frontier world of Zona Nox is beset on all sides by alien invaders, and only its gangster inhabitants may be able to save it.


Arlen’s a trader, not a scientist. She never expected to be in a first-contact situation. When an alien species needs her help, she discovers that there are people in the universe like nothing she ever dreamed. People who find her as unique and fascinating as she finds them.

Late-year teens must navigate worlds of magic and of wildly futuristic science in order to bring the four colonized sectors of space together and bring to a close a never-ending war.

A homeless man is entrusted with a task that may change the future of humaity


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