From the Authors of Magic After Dark

Major Arcana by Margo Bond Collins

Major Arcana Cover

Tie In Novel!

When a teenage fortune teller in a traveling carnival meets up with an attractive townie, she finds a new magic in her tarot cards.

Tarnished Legacy by Ann Gimpel

Tarnished Legacy Cover

Tie In Novel!

Half Romani, Tairin’s no stranger to hiding her mixed blood from gypsy caravans. What she can’t hide is her perpetual youth, courtesy of her shifter heritage. She’s overstayed her welcome where she is, but Germany is at war, and travel has become impossible for everyone targeted by the Reich.

Elliott’s clairvoyance is strong. Seer for all the caravans in Germany, he catches Tairin eavesdropping outside their leader’s wagon. He should turn her in, but he can’t bring himself to do that. Instead, he interrogates her. Her magic is different, but he can’t figure out quite what she is.

Any association between Romani and shifters is forbidden. Tairin should leave right now, tonight—before he discovers what she is and destroys her.

The Demon Mirror by David J. Normoyle

The Demon Mirror Cover

Tie In Novel!

A vampire and a mage have one night to defeat the ultimate enemy—their own reflections come to life.

Alessa, a vampire wanting to overcome her bloody nature, is given an ultimatum: kill for her queen, or be killed by her queen. Lionel father’s is the most powerful mage in the city, and Lionel is appointed as his father’s enforcer, only he may not have the ruthless streak required. Alessa and Lionel’s paths become entwined when they get caught in the same magical trap. To survive until dawn, the mismatched couple will not only have to solve the mystery of the demon’s curse, they’ll also need to confront the secrets of their souls.

Phoenix by J.A. Culican

Phoenix Cover

Tie In Novel!

Gemma holds the magic of the Phoenix. Charged with the duty of keeping the balance in the world of Hollows Ground. A place where all magic wielders are safe to be themselves and from the dangers of others.

What happens when the balance is disrupted?

Join USA Today and International Bestselling author J.A. Culican on a fantasy adventure short story that is sure to keep you wanting more.

Phoenix is a companion short to Second Sight, Hollows Ground Book 1 (only available in the Gypsies After Dark Box Set)

Ghosts of Kerrington Manor by Chloe Garner

Ghosts of Kerrington Manor Cover

Tie In Novel!

Becca’s Makkai tribe is called away from celebration and reunion by an urgent plea: Kerrington Manor is haunted and the anniversary of five gruesome murders brings a mortal danger to everyone nearby. Becca, Dawn, and the rest of the Makkai must find the magic that is holding these ghosts after so long, or they may never see another day.

Hearts Return by Melle Amade

Hearts Return Cover

Tie In Novel!

Marcello is the alpha male of a dying shifter clan hiding in the villages of Italy. His only goal is to save his people by avoiding the Hunters, Berzerken and disease that are destroying them. Though he seeks every avenue to heal the mate that was chosen for him, he can’t get the young woman he met for the briefest of moments two years ago out of his mind. Their exchanged messages have kept him engaged and feeling alive through the trials of his shifter life and now he will sacrifice almost anything to see her again.

Crimson Shadow: Sins of the Father by Nathan Squiers

Crimson Shadow: Sins of the Father Cover

Chaos befalls a young vampire warrior, threatening his growing legacy as well as his budding romance with his childhood friend and powerful witch.

Summer’s Deadly Kiss by Cate Farren

Summer's Deadly Kiss Cover

Book One of The Vampire Inheritance Saga – A newly sired vampire, full of remorse, and a human, recently released from a mental health facility, fall in love. What happens next is not your typical love story. Contains violence, sex and swearing.

The Call of Agon by Dean F. Wilson

The Call of Agon Cover

A reluctant demigod embarks on an epic, action-packed journey to keep the Beast Agon imprisoned in the Underworld.

The Cruel Path by David J. Normoyle

The Cruel Path Cover

In a land where noble boys must battle each other in a pitiless survival contest, love and loyalty are virtually non-existent. Despite this, three young brothers develop and unbreakable bond.

By working together, the brothers overcome one obstacle after another. Ultimately though, even if they win, the three know that one of them must die. But which? Having to make that terrible decision proves crueler than anything else the contest can throw at them.

A dystopian fantasy set in the world of The Narrowing Path trilogy, The Cruel Path explores how the human spirit shines brightest when the world is at its bleakest.

The Stolen – A heart-warming story from the Multiverse Collection by D. N. Leo

The Stolen Cover

The muffled scream of a child cut through the darkness.

One twist of the evil hands and the fragile bone of the child’s neck would be savaged.

In a second, everything would end for the boy.

Would he save the boy and expose himself to the unmerciful world of the unknown?

Heritage by Melle Amade

Heritage Cover

Dutch born, Matilde, the estranged niece of Lord Van Arend, barters with her scheming mother to spend the summer with the only friends she’s ever had, the Ravensgaard at Castle Brannach. The only problem is, what she has offered her mother is information, information that will break her friends’ trust and begin the downfall of the regime that governs them all.